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Path 41Drawing on our profound expertise in cell biology and engineering, we have innovated MesenCure™, a next-generation cell therapy specifically designed to combat inflammation and tissue damage. MesenCure™ is a proprietary composition of cells derived from allogeneic mesenchymal cells, meticulously engineered to amplify their therapeutic potential.
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MesenCure™: Cell Therapy Reinvented

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Path 41Our intimate understanding of the biology, prospects, and challenges facing cell therapies allowed us to take this field a giant leap forward, inventing MesenCure™ - an enhanced mesenchymal stromal cell therapy for acute inflammations.
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What Sets MesenCure™ Apart?

  • Highly responsive to inflammation and tissue damage
  • Superior immune-modulatory & regenerative capacity
  • Scalable high-yield GMP-manufacturing
  • Potential to treat up to 100,000 patients from a single donor cell bank

Electron microscopy image of a highly active MesenCure cell


MesenCure™: A Proven Game-Changer in Respiratory Distress

MesenCure™ has successfully completed a Phase II trial, specifically targeting pneumonia and respiratory distress in severe COVID-19 patients.

Upon infusion, MesenCure™ cells swiftly navigate to the lungs, where they detect inflammation and tissue damage. In response, these cells secrete proteins that alleviate pneumonia but also stimulate lung tissue regeneration.

MesenCure™ has demonstrated remarkable clinical outcomes. It has reduced mortality rates by 68%, lessened the necessity for invasive ventilation by 57%, and shortened the hospital stays of complex patients by 38%, potentially reducing their risk of long-term damages and disabilities.

MesenCure™ offers immense value to patients, healthcare providers, and payers alike. It provides an additional treatment option for severe patients, significantly alleviates the burden on ICUs, and leads to substantial savings by reducing direct hospitalization costs by an estimated 40% and long-term medical expenses.

By saving and improving patients' lives, freeing hospital and ICU beds to care for other patients, and reducing hospitalization and long-term healthcare costs, MesenCure brings considerable benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and payers alike.

MesenCure: A Potential Treatment Option for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome


Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) affects approximately 5 million patients worldwide each year, with limited and mostly supportive treatment options available.

MesenCure's potential to treat ARDS from various causes (unrelated to COVID-19) has been demonstrated in preclinical studies involving pneumonia and ARDS models following acute lung injury (ALI) induced by biological or chemical insults.

In an ALI model induced by a biological toxin (LPS), MesenCure reduced lung edema by up to 60% and decreased the infiltration of inflammatory cells into the lungs by 40% [PMC8111922]. In a lethal ALI model induced by exposure to a chemical toxin (bleomycin), MesenCure doubled the survival rate of animals and significantly improved their respiratory functions.

In a series of joint studies with the Israeli Institute of Biological Research, MesenCure was shown to protect animals against ALI caused by exposure to a biological threat agent, ricin. These studies found that MesenCure reduced immune infiltration into the lungs, improved the animals' overall health, and promoted the regeneration of lung epithelial tissue. This suggests that MesenCure could offer a unique curative and disease-modifying treatment option for ARDS.

MesenCure™: A Potential Solution for Life-Threatening Complications in Cancer Patients

Cytokine release syndrome (CRS), an inflammatory overreaction, can develop in up to 78% of cancer patients undergoing immunotherapies. These therapies stimulate the immune system to combat cancer, but they can also lead to severe outcomes in up to 27% of patients who experience CRS.

In a preclinical trial conducted at The Jackson Laboratory in the U.S., one of the world's most respected research institutes, MesenCure™ was shown to significantly reduce this inflammatory overreaction. This suggests its potential to prevent life-threatening conditions in cancer patients.

In another preclinical study, MesenCure™ demonstrated its ability to significantly improve survival rates following lethal intoxication with common and highly toxic chemotherapeutic drugs. This further underscores the potential of MesenCure™ as a promising solution for mitigating severe complications in cancer treatment.


We're relentlessly advancing our research and development of MesenCure™ to address a range of conditions involving acute inflammation and tissue damage, aiming to improve the lives of millions.







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