MesenCure – Coronavirus Therapy

MSCs as potential COVID-19 and Inflammatory Pulmonary Diseases Therapy

The therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) in the treatment of COVID-19 respiratory symptoms is attributed to the ability of MSCs to attenuate the hyper-inflammatory response – the cytokine storm triggered by the virus and the ensuing life-threatening acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).


Treatment of inflammatory pulmonary diseases – MSC properties and advantages:

Immuno-modulatory and anti-inflammatory properties: 

MSC-mediated attenuation of the cytokine storm is achieved by modulating the proliferation and activation of immune cells through the secretion of immunosuppressive factors



MSCs are immune-evasive and intravenously administered allogeneic MSCs were demonstrated to be safe and do not elicit an immune response.


Accumulation in the lung following intravenous infusion:

Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated that following intravenous administration, the MSCs predominantly accumulate in the injured lung.


Promotion of pulmonary tissue regeneration:

By producing keratinocyte, endothelial, and hepatocyte growth factors, MSCs promote the regeneration of lung epithelial cells, prevent the apoptosis of endothelial cells, and contribute to the repair of the alveolar-epithelial barrier damaged by the cytokine storm.


Systemic benefits:

In addition, systemically administered MSCs can also help other organs that are infected by the virus, such as the heart, liver, kidney and digestive organs, and possibly save patients from acute myocardial injury, arrhythmia, acute kidney injury, shock, and death from multiple organ failure


Preclinical proven safety and efficacy:

Numerous pre-clinical animal studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of intravenous administered MSCs in the treatment of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress.

Currently, Bonus BioGroup is conducting a phase I/II clinical trial with MesenCure at the largest medical center in the north of Israel.

MesenCure - primed MSCs for enhanced immunomodulatory potency

MesenCure – is an advanced, allogeneic, cell-based drug product, consisting of primed mesenchymal stromal cells, isolated from the adipose tissue of healthy donors, intended for the treatment of acute respiratory distress in COVID-19 infection and other inflammatory lung diseases.

Bonus’ unique technology is based on potent MSC populations, primed by exposure to specific growth conditions, shown to enhance their immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

In preclinical studies, Bonus’ COVID-19 therapy MesenCure was shown to attenuate the hyper-inflammatory response in the lungs, as well as to promote the healing of the injured lung tissue.

Currently, Bonus BioGroup is conducting a phase I/II clinical trial with MesenCure at the largest medical center in the north of Israel.


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