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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 07:59

Bonus BioGroup Receives EU Grant for Joint Development of New Method for Graft Tracking In Vivo

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Bonus BioGroup Receives EU Grant for Joint Development of New Method for Graft Tracking In Vivo

logo4footerBonus BioGroup announces that its subsidiary, Bonus Therapeutics Ltd, will receive its first EU grant, together with European research collaborators, to develop a non-invasive method for tracking in vivo (in the living body) the biological activity of its proprietary human live bone graft following transplantation. 
The research will take place under EU's Horizon 2020 framework - the largest support program for research and innovation worldwide. The program aims to mobilize collaborations within the EU, in the areas of scientific research and industrial R&D, and to foster innovation and job creation. 
The research entails a preclinical study in which transplanted grafts will be monitored in vivo by magnetic resonance imaging techniques without needing to biopsy the grafted site. January 1st marks the start date of this research which will last four years. The innovative method is anticipated to decrease the number of animals used in preclinical studies, to shorten the period of the clinical trial and to reduce its cost. 
Horizon 2020 offers €77 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) with an average annual financial support of over €10 billion. Israel joined Horizon 2020 in 1996 as an Associated Country under the same conditions as legal entities from the EU Member States. Bonus BioGroup will have right of use of any intellectual property arising from the research.

Bonus Therapeutics Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, has been recently selected as a finalist for the 2015 edition of Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe Award for most promising start-ups in Europe. The editorial team of Red Herring, a company which performs daily and periodical analytic reviews of technology companies around the world, has selected the 100 technology companies which, to the best of their judgement, demonstrate the greatest business opportunities across Europe. The nominees are evaluated on 20 quantitative and qualitative criteria, including proof of concept, technological innovation, market size, business strategy, management strength and financial performance.
Bonus BioGroup's unique technology combines disciplines such as biology, tissue and material engineering and personalized medicine. The Company strives to enhance its technological expertise by rigorous R&D activities and through collaborations with other entities aimed at purchasing and/or obtaining exclusive rights to relevant technologies.

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