Orthopedic Bone Regeneration

In August, 2017 Bonus announced the first human tissue-engineered bone graft transplantation, grown outside the patient's body and transplanted into a patient’s arm, as part of the phase I/IIa clinical trial for reconstruction of extensive critical bone loss in the extremities.

This study is a phase I/IIa, prospective, single, open label, single arm, that evaluates the safety and efficacy of BonoFill-II in adult males and females (ages 18-80), as an adjunct to standard fixation methods for regeneration of large bone defects, incapable of self- healing, when bone healing by standard surgical techniques is either impractical and/or no medical solution exists, in the following medical conditions:

  • Long and short bones extra articular comminuted fracture,
  • Long and short bones extra and intra articular defect/gap or non- union, incapable of self-regeneration. Intra articular non-union is a result of unsuccessful –arthrodesis (artificial induction of joint ossification between two bones by surgery)


For clinical trial patient recruitment - click here


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