cGMP Manufacturing Facility

In July 2013, Bonus BioGroup successfully established a first-of-its-kind personalized, human bone graft manufacturing facility. The facility is an integral addition to Bonus BioGroup's 1,000 m2 research laboratories and offices complex at Matam Advanced Technology Park in Haifa, Israel. The facility consists of three divisions:

Manufacturing facility

The manufacturing facility for the production of BonoFillTM human bone graft products utilized in the company's clinical trials. The manufacturing facility includes a set of clean rooms, and quality control and assurance units. The facility was established in compliance with the European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) instructions and meets all advanced therapy regulations in regard to the production of clinical-grade cellular products suitable for human therapy. The facility is GMP and ISO 9001-compliant, and enables full control over the entire process of bone graft manufacturing.

Bonus BioGroup’s R&D center is committed to the ongoing pursuit of performance, excellence and innovation.

Bonus BioGroups’ headquarters for Bonus’ management team and will also supervise the company's R&D activities in the United States.


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